The Grey Horse
The Grey Horse pub


It's nearly time to say goodbye

After a fantastic ten and a half years it's nearly time to say a fond farewell to all of our customers and staff as we hand over the reins to our very dear old Grey Horse

It's been a rollcoaster ride of a journey, there have been plenty of good times and a scattering of bad times along the way. Sadly we have also lost a few during our incredible journey including two of our own (Gordon Ingleby and Linda Dove, you will forever be in our thoughts).

As the longest serving landlords in documented history, we feel privileged to have been the custodians of The Grey Horse for all these years and are proud to have seen the pub through the hardest trading period in Licensed Retail history.

We really hope you get a chance to pop down during our final weekend (details advertised throughout the pub), so that we have the opportunity to say thank you and goodbye.

Our very best wishes to all of you,

David & Jason.